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Law and Economics

Economics can play an important role in the legal field and in legislative drafting. This has been recognised in the US and in continental Europe for many decades and in Ireland its contribution is growing all the time. DKM is at the forefront of that growth: we offer a suite of services in the area of law and economics, tailored to clients’ needs, and which include descriptive, analytical, and qualitative approaches.

Law firms can gain from economic insights that will add to the provision of legal advice. Economic approaches provide objective and data-driven input to lawyers. In particular, law firms working in the areas of competition law, inward investment, and medical law will gain from employing DKM’s services.

In the case of legislation, economics can be used to predict the effects of laws on society and the economy. This is relevant both for legislators and policymakers in the public sector and for stakeholders and lobbyists in the private and non-profit sectors. All legislation has economic effects and the strongest legislation is drafted with this in mind. DKM has a strong law and economics client base across the private and public sector. To learn what we can do for you, please email daragh.mcgreal@dkm.ie.

Sample Sectors

Competition Law: many companies that plan to merge must notify the Consumer and Competition Protection Authority about their intentions. Such notifications are processed and submitted by law firms. By including an economic submission outlining the economic effects of the merger, merging companies and law firms strengthen their case with the Competition Authority. DKM can provide such an economic analysis.

Medical Law: recent medical and other compensation decisions in the upper courts have received attention in medical, legal, and political circles. In particular, these have focused on levels of compensation, the cost of legal fees, and the insurance market. A comprehensive economic analysis of these various factors can help design a system that is objective, fair, and efficient. DKM is also experienced in estimating appropriate compensation in cases of accidents.

Inward Investment: firms considering Ireland as an investment or relocation centre will often require advance on-the-ground consultation on economic and social indicators. This can run in parallel to public sector (e.g. IDA Ireland) assistance. DKM can prepare independent research and reports tailored to the needs of potential investors.