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DKM/BPFI SME Market Monitor October 2017

Right now, the SME environment remains broadly positive, but no room for complacency

DKM/BPFI SME Market Monitor October 2017

This is the twelfth publication of the DKM/BPFI SME Market Monitor, prepared for the Banking & Payments Federation Ireland (BPFI). The purpose of this Market Monitor is to provide up to date trends across a range of indicators which are important in evaluating the performance of the SME sector.

In total fifteen indicators, which are published on a quarterly and/or monthly basis, are presented in tabular and graphical form with a brief commentary. This publication also provides a summary commentary which seeks to bring an overall assessment of what these indicators are telling us about the current environment for SMEs.

In this latest DKM/BPFI SME Market Monitor, the majority of indicators tracked are encouragingly positive, however, given the unpredictability of global factors, it is difficult to know whether this shall remain to be the case and to what extent this could impact the SME environment in the medium term.