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    EUROCONSTRUCT® European Network for Construction Forecasting

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    Euroconstruct European Network for Construction Forecasting


EUROCONSTRUCT® is the main network for construction, finance and business forecasting in Europe. DKM Economic Consultants is the Irish member of the organisation.

EUROCONSTRUCT® was established in 1975 by a number of specialised research institutes and consulting organisations as a study group for construction analysis and forecasting. It has since expanded from the core group to include almost all Western European countries and a number of Central and Eastern European states. At present, EUROCONSTRUCT® has member institutes in 19 European countries.

The EUROCONSTRUCT® network also extends to the Baltic States (through our Finnish partner), Japan (Research Institute for Construction and Economy, RICE, Tokyo) and Korea (Construction & Economy Research Institute of Korea, CERIK, Seoul).

The aim of EUROCONSTRUCT® is to provide decision-makers in the construction sector and related markets, agencies, national and international associations as well as private sector companies with information, analysis and forecasts to enable them to plan their business more effectively.